To those of you who aren’t aware.
I have been on the receiving end of an entire harassment campaign against me for quite a while now.

This is the part where you’re supposed to sit down, and get the kettle on and get comfortable, because there’s some reading to do so that you can understand this lovely design I’ve done, and the idea behind it.

To buy the print:
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I am launching this design as a print and a t-shirt to help me raise the funds for cease and desist letters. I know everyone’s strapped right now, so there’s no pressure, this will take however long it takes for me to save up,
I’m not going to rush it.
You may want to know why I need to do this.
So here’s my story, I’ll try to keep it as short as I can.

A group of ex-friends from the Music and Art scene myself and Doozer have been a part of over the years have been engaging in a somewhat organised effort to harass, slander, libel and defame me for over a year now.
This is personal, it started a few years ago with some of them, to which we both quietly cut them out of our lives and walked away. Since then it has escalated. As well as the slander about me (which I honestly thought would stop after a little while), Serious false allegations of physical violence and attacks have been made about me behind my back, leading to my own safety being compromised as I now have good reason to believe that there are full grown men after me for retribution.

This summer, a very recent public campaign surfaced after I started my portrait collection, there was a false allegation that my collection is an “Anti-Trans Hate Campaign” (See “prints” section of this website if you don’t already know about this).
There was a call to attack and “cancel” me (whatever that means) which was posted publicly online for everyone to see.
Whether you agree with my Pro-Woman and Pro-child-safety opinions or not, I am entitled, as an Artist, to draw, paint and say whatever the hell I like.
However, my ex-friends don’t understand this. They see this as just another opportunity and/ or EXCUSE to continue to go after me publicly.

Here’s how it started this summer:
*All names and identities are concealed, but many of these screenshots are of statuses and comments written by the same group of people*

This is the main ex-friend who then went after me over several statuses, and wrote a song about me:
This person is someone I blocked, whom I have not had any communication or contact with since 2017. (Infact, ALL of the people involved in the slander and harassment against me were blocked between 2017-18 and I have not had contact with them since)

Unfortunately lots of people who know us fell for it and joined in. There were calls to bin & boycott my art, and pressure on my friends to ditch me.
There were even some people who I don’t even know and have never met, joining in, like this person...

“Solidarity Wins!”

There were also threats made from local men about wanting to attack me:
But hey, at least no one risked using the wrong pronouns on me, even if it does make me sound like I’m more than one person...

This ex-friend And two local “Hate Crime Ambassadors” for Essex Police encouraged members of the public to report my Art for “Hate Crimes” I have yet to find out if this is on my records or not.

My Fiancé has since occasionally received messages from fans urging him to denounce me because he allegedly doesn’t know what I’m “really like” despite the fact that I’ve been with him for 8 years now.

It all sounds rather like “You need to shut your woman up”

It’s disrespectful to both of us.

To top it off, I was also compared to the Nazi’s:
(Again, worth checking out my T-Shirt page here if you want to see all of my bad Nazi things I’m allegedly doing)

Then, as if there wasn’t enough drama to feed off of, the main ex-friend then made up a lie about me threatening to sue him (I didn’t) and then decides publicly, to mock me because he doesn’t think I even have a case for harassment and knows that I don’t have a lot of money to pursue legal cases (this person is apparently NOT the bully in this situation):

The Drama Continues...
Within a day, There was also a song written about me by this person, and their band, there was a request for members of the public to participate by sending in clips of themselves shouting “SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE” at me, and later went on to brag about how “brutal” the song was.

Then, when it was due to be released, this person claimed that there had been a change of mind, ironically, because they didn’t want the “wrong message to be perceived” by a hate song written about a female artist on the scene...
If you think it’s disgraceful that all of this is happening because of my Artwork (allegedly), you have to wonder why this behaviour has been accepted as the norm on the Art and Music scene? Or even, in our society at all?

So now you’re probably wondering, if this has been going on for a while, why have I not said anything before?

While this was going on,  I was quietly reporting everything to the police and getting on with my life and hoping that these ex-friends would get bored and go away.
But they didn’t.
It only got worse.
Over the last few months I have been back and forth with the police about my case, and we’ve decided that the best course of action for me to take now is to get a solicitor.
So, I did that out of my own pocket, and what the solicitor told me is that I’ll need to pay for cease and desist letters. That’s the first action I can take. So, this is how I’ve chosen to do it.
I am an Artist after all.

Medusa is a good fit, the woman punished to be a monster with snake hair.
I’m also taking back that stupid #LoveWins hashtag that’s been used against me so many times.

I don’t just want to raise money for cease and desist letters, I also want to start up a decent, honest conversation about this.

We need to talk about how women are targeted, especially online, usually (typically speaking) by men who think they are above the law - unfortunately they’re often right, as access to civil law depends on the victim having a lot of money.

We need to talk about how Artists should not have their creative rights suffocated, even if you don’t like their work or their opinions, or their hair.

What even is Art, if you’re not allowed to express yourself truthfully?

We need to ask ourselves, what can be done to create better protections for female Artists like myself who face this type of bullying?
What I want is to ensure that women like me can invoke the appropriate legal consequences against their abusers without having to raise a large sum of money.

Someone I was speaking to recently suggested we need a public conversation about how this is happening in our society, and have dialogue around key words and phrases like “Controlling”, “Taking Responsibility for one’s own mental health”, “Resilience” and “Unreasonable demands on others” , I agree with this...

As history has shown us, it’s never good news when the Artists are being silenced, is it?

The conversation of what women in particular, who are in my situation can do to defend themselves is one that I think is important and worthy right now.  Women now more than ever, need to be able to rightfully speak up and stick up for themselves. Artists do too.

We need to talk more about freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of expression.

But most of all, we need to talk more about how better to help protect those who are harassed, stalked, abused and defamed, their livelihoods destroyed and their reputations ruined. Because I am definitely not the only one going through this, and it needs to stop. So what can you do to help?
Well, one thing I keep saying is, we can’t all be silenced...

Thanks for reading.
That’s my rant over.
If you’ve read this and you’re infuriated, good. Buy a print or a T-shirt to help me out while I think more about what can be done to change this for others who face the same or similar campaigns of silencing and bullying.
If you’ve read this and you’re infuriated because you hate me, then you’ve wasted your time haven’t you, and my unsolicited advice here is that you go and find things that make you happy, or find people that you do want to help, and focus on that.

The Famous Artist Birdy Rose.

  • jane hutton on

    these so called ‘trans’ ‘allys’ are nothing less than narc bullies – every single one of them an empty vessel of self righteous virtue signalling vomit –
    you are supported by a huge number of people Birdy whereas they are in their vacuums shouting at each other.

  • Andrea on

    Oh my goodness. I had no idea what was going on as I tend to keep myself to myself..I have not met you but from what I can gather you are a hard working artist just trying to get through life. The abhorrent attacks on you have been/are disgusting. I really feel for you. The perpetrators sound jealous to me of what you have with your good man. I really hope it all ends soon. I have been a victim of bullying by people who follow a certain band on the circuit. So I’ve just completely cut them off/blocked etc. I’m better than that as you are. Stay strong Birdy. Hope we meet next year at a gig/event. I will buy another print soon. Take care and dig those heels in chick. You are better than them!! X

  • Erin Brewer on

    Thank you for what you are doing and don’t let the bastards get you down! Since I am in the US I was wondering if you have a way to donate directly to your legal fund so as to not waste money on postage and such. Love you and your work!

  • Xiao Mao on

    Keep being tough, lady. We see you and support you.

    These people are trans cultists and losers, they deserve nothing.

    #peaktrans #transcult #transactivismismisogyny #transfascism

  • Floriana on

    I am so sorry to read this. There must be lots of us bewildered as to how this hatred of women has suddenly emerged, as we never foresaw it. The ‘trans’ movement is a hate movement. Everyone must be able to see that, by now. They are concentrating on financial attacks on decent people at the moment. But they are few, while we are many. Something will have to give, soon. Hold on for that day. It can’t be long now. I love your work. You have every reason to hold your head up high and be proud of it. xx

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