Lockdown Postcard #8
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Lockdown Postcard #8

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Here's a picture I drew of a Toffee Hammer with the Suffragette slogan "Deeds Not Words" written on it. As if I didn't already think the Suffragettes were bad-arse enough, I recently learned that the Suffragettes smashed up the windows of govermment and commercial buildings with a Toffee Hammer. They used this particular instrument because it was easy to get hold of and easy to conceal. In 1924 Emmeline Pankhurst wrote "The smashing of windows is a time-honoured method of showing displeasure in a political situation"
During 1911 and 1912, almost 300 women were arrested for smashing windows with Toffee Hammers.
I'm not advocating for the random smashing of Windows here, even the Suffragettes targets were carefully chosen to avoid any loss of life.
Still bad-arse.

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