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Harry Portrait

Harry Portrait

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Standard 8”x8” square print.
Harry Miller is a former police officer from Humberside who was investigated by police over a poem that he posted on Twitter. Although no crime was committed, sharing the poem online was recorded as a hate incident. Ever since then, Harry has been tackling the bad ideas behind bizarre concepts such as  “Non Crime Hate Incidents” and “Hate Speech”.
He is most well known for successfully launching a legal challenge in the high court against Humberside Police and The College of Police to get their guidelines declared unlawful. These guidelines, forced upon police forces are systematically used to shut down lawful discussion. They weaponise the police in favour of one group at the expense of another. 
The incident that started it all of was when Harry Miller was phoned my Officer PC Gul, who described a tweet containing a limerick that Harry Miller had shared, PC Gul contacted Harry’s work, spoke to his MD, then spent 32 minutes on the phone lecturing Harry about hurt feelings and how in-vitro body parts sometimes accidentally grow from a lady brain. 

The famous part of the exchange went like this:
Harry: “Were any of my tweets criminal?
PC Gul: “No
Harry: “Then why are you ringing me?
PC Gul: “I need to check your thinking

When I heard that the police were investigating people to “check their thinking” I knew we were in much deeper trouble than I had initially imagined. That’s why I make art about things like this, I don’t want any of this to go ignored, or to ever be forgotten.

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