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The Famous Artist Birdy Rose

SQUEAK - Original Painting

SQUEAK - Original Painting

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An A4 Original Painting, acrylic on canvas, varnished twice!
Squeak is a non-binary social justice warrior, on a determined mission to save the planet from the ultimate, and inevitable doom by going around squeaking at people to “Do Better!” And “Educate yourselves, bigot!”. Squeak does not tolerate bigotry of any sort. Squeak is an anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-white, anti-man, anti-anchovies, anti-feline activist. Squeak describes they themselves as a humble genius and would like to be housed in an office or library space. Be warned though, squeak will not tolerate missqueaking, misgendering or bread naming. Squeak is also an ambassador for the Hate Crimes department of Essex Police.

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