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The Famous Artist Birdy Rose

The Phantom Ship of Northumberland Strait

The Phantom Ship of Northumberland Strait

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"The Phantom Ship of Northumberland Strait"

Acrylic On Canvas. 

Ever since 1786, there have been reportings of a phantom ship appearing at various places along Northumberland Strait. Many of these accountings are documented in books, articles and is viewed with much skepticism.
The first documented sighting was in 1786. It occured at Sea Cow Head Lighthouse. The keeper, in horror, saw a three-masted schooner, sails full and swollen by the terrible winds of a northeast gale, drove in closer and closer to the treacherous rocks at the base of the cliffs. Just as it seemed utterly hopeless, the ship turned into the storm and was lost to sight in the rain squall.
There is no explanation for the phantom ship, just numerous theories as to how she came to be. The most common is that a pirate made a pact with the Devil to protect and hide his treasure from discovery. In return, the captain and his crew were to sail forever on the buring ship. It is said that the pact was made when the ship, which had been fired upon, was burning to the waterline and would sink to the bottom taking all hands and the treasure in her holds. Thier fate was, many felt, just revenge for the terrible deeds they had done in their days of piracy on the high seas.


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